Connect Seward Services Shutting Down


Connect Seward Services Shutting Down

After 27 years of offering free e-mail and website hosting for many businesses, organizations, and individuals in Seward County, Connect Seward County will be shutting down effective June 30th, 2024.

When Connect Seward first began offering its services, email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and were not available and website hosting was hard to set up and expensive to host. Now there are many free email options and many cheap website hosting options around the internet and the services provided by Connect Seward are not as critical as they once were.

If you would like to migrate your email from Connect Seward to another email service, you can schedule a time to meet with us for assistance. It would be preferrable if you already had a new email address set up. Free email accounts can be set up at,, or, for example. Please make sure to have both your new email address and password with you when you come in for assistance.

        IMPORTANT NOTE: Once Connect Seward is shut down you will no longer have access to your account. If you have accounts set up using your email address, you will want to update your account to your new email address. For example, if you have a,, or account set up with your account you will want to update that email address to your new outlook, google, or other email address. Also, you will want to let friends and family know that your email address will be changing so they know where to send new emails.

Websites, both static pages and WordPress, will need to be migrated to another hosting provider. There are several inexpensive options for hosting WordPress sites at,, or Because migrating a website can be confusing we are happy to assist with the backup/export of your site from Connect Seward and the import of the website on your new hosting service.

Finally, any businesses or organizations that are utilizing DNS hosting services through Connect Seward will need to move their DNS records back to their main Registrar such as GoDaddy,, NameCheap, etc. This can be a bit technical, and you may not even be aware of who your registrar is. If that is the case, we are happy to help you figure that out and get things moved.

To schedule a time to migrate your email or if you need assistance in migrating your website or DNS records, please email: As we will be shutting down on June 30th 2024, please make it a priority to begin looking into a new email and/or web provider early next year so you have plenty of time to get email and websites moved.

We appreciate all of Seward County’s support over the last 27 years, thank you!

Connect Seward County Board of Directors

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