Website Setup


Businesses and organizations in Seward County are invited to store their web pages on the Connect Seward County server at no charge.

  1. Decide if you will create your own website or hire a web designer to create your pages for you. If you choose to work with a web designer they will help you with the following steps.
  2. Make sure that you and your web designer each have individual accounts with Connect Seward County. If not, fill out the form by clicking on the Account Sign Up link.
  3. Complete and turn in the Website Authorization Form (click here). This will authorize you and/or your web designer to make changes. It also protects your site from unauthorized access.

After following the steps above, you can choose one of the following methods to proceed:

Use WordPress to build the website

  1. Click on the My Website – WordPress link and log in with your account information.
  2. Use the dashboard to choose a theme, add pages or posts, etc.
  3. For additional information about building your website with WordPress please see the FAQ. There are also several online resources and tutorials available by searching.

Create your own HTML pages for the website

  1. Access to upload web pages will be given to you and your web designer. You can use the My Website-FTP link to upload files into your directory or you can use your own ftp program.
  2. In exchange for free website hosting on the Connect Seward County server, please add the Connect Seward County logo and link to your website. Copy the HTML code below the logo and paste it into the code on your web page.
    Hosted by Connect Seward County
    <p><a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Hosted by Connect Seward County”></p>
Hosted by Connect Seward County